Florence and Science in four exhibitions until May 9th 2010

The first assessment of the four exhibitions of “Florence and Science”, seems to be very positive. The exhibitions will be held until May 9th at Palazzo Medici Riccardi, at “La Specola” (the Museum of Zoology and Natural History), at the Museum of the History of Science on Lungarno delle Grazie and the Science and Technology Cabinet.

The four exhibitions have been supported and organized by Cassa di Risparmio di Firenze for the cycle called “Little Big Museums”.

The exhibitions have been dedicated to Florence’s cultural and intellectual climate of pre-Risorgimento age, when many innovations proliferated in every field of science. Many masterpieces are shown: paintings, drawings, models and scientific collections among the most important in the world.

It is worth pointing out the opening to the public of the restored Torrino della Specola.

Moreover the Science and Technology Cabinet, offers free entries and guided visits to secondary schools students of the entire Province of Florence.

Students will admire the magnificent set of scientific sample and instruments of the late nineteenth century.

The box office has so far sold 11,293 cards, namely a special ticket (full price 10 euros, reduced price 7.5 and 4.5) that provides access to all four exhibitions offering numerous advantages such as free or discounted entry in many museums and exhibitions.

From next spring on, if you’re planning a pleasant weekend in a B&B in Florence, you can take the chance to visit one of the most interesting and entertaining exhibitions scheduled in the Tuscan capital.

Uffizi Art Gallery, at a stone’s throw away from our B&B Casa dei Tintori in Florence

The Uffizi Art Gallery is one of the most famous and oldest museums in the world.

Its building was begun in 1560, when Cosimo I de’ Medici commissioned to Giorgio Vasari the construction of a large building intended to hold the administrative and judicial offices of the city – hence the name “uffizi” (“offices”).

Five years later, Vasari also realized a complex tunnel passing over Ponte Vecchio and the Church of Santa Felicita, in order to connect the Uffizi to Palazzo Pitti (Medici’s new residence) and ending into the Boboli Gardens.

The first section of the Gallery was built by Francesco I, son of Cosimo de Medici’s. After the construction of the top floor of the Uffizi, Francesco I commissioned to Buontalenti the building of a gallery to collect furnishings and works of art.

Today the Uffizi holds a huge artistic collection, which includes thousands of paintings from the Middle Ages to the Modern Age, a great number of old sculptures, miniatures, tapestries. The portrait collection is one of the most famous of the museum together with the Print and Drawing Cabinet.

You can reach the Uffizi Gallery from B&B Casa dei Tintori in a few minutes.

We offer a free booking service to purchase tickets. You will avoid the long queue.

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Valentine’s Day in our B&B in Florence

The B&B Casa dei Tintori, in the historic center of Florence, is the ideal place for sweethearts who wish to spend their Valentine’s Day in the Tuscan city.

You will find lovely and quiet rooms in the heart of the city and the extraordinary hospitality of Valeria who can pamper guests with genuine pleasure.
For those into lifestyle and events, you can always visit the website of Florence Tourist Board.

The first B&B in Florence on YouTube

Casa dei Tintori was one of the first B&B in Florence to choose to upload to the B&B website a series of professional videos in order to promote our accommodation facility and to show all the details of both the common areas and the bedrooms. A professional video operator took care of the whole process. He also edited the video material into a series of small clips located in different pages of the website www.casadeitintori.it

Our goal was to add short videos to the images already on the site to let web users realize the hospitality we offer in the B&B.

You decide if we succeeded!

Here you’ll find the YouTube videos of B&B Casa dei Tintori in the city centre of Florence

You can also watch video clips of each room in the following pages of LINK www.casadeitintori.it website:

Indigo Room in our b&b in Florence
Yellow Room in our b&b in Florence

Green Room in our b&b in Florence

Light Blue Room in our b&b in Florence

Red Room in our b&b in Florence

Our B&B in Florence is on Facebook

Several months ago B&B Casa dei Tintori decided to be on Facebook in order to reach their fans and provide them with the last news about the bed and breakfast and other interesting topics.

This is the webpage of B&B Casa dei Tintori on Facebook. We have included basic information on the B&B with a large index of photos. We regularly publish possible last-minute offers. We’ve also included a nice selection of the best photos taken at the b&b portraying us with our guests.

Recently, we have added a direct link in the Home Page of B&B Casa dei Tintori Florence so that a guest can immediately become a fan and interact immediately on the Facebook page of B&B Casa dei Tintori.

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