The Uffizi Art Gallery is one of the most famous and oldest museums in the world.

Its building was begun in 1560, when Cosimo I de’ Medici commissioned to Giorgio Vasari the construction of a large building intended to hold the administrative and judicial offices of the city – hence the name “uffizi” (“offices”).

Five years later, Vasari also realized a complex tunnel passing over Ponte Vecchio and the Church of Santa Felicita, in order to connect the Uffizi to Palazzo Pitti (Medici’s new residence) and ending into the Boboli Gardens.

The first section of the Gallery was built by Francesco I, son of Cosimo de Medici’s. After the construction of the top floor of the Uffizi, Francesco I commissioned to Buontalenti the building of a gallery to collect furnishings and works of art.

Today the Uffizi holds a huge artistic collection, which includes thousands of paintings from the Middle Ages to the Modern Age, a great number of old sculptures, miniatures, tapestries. The portrait collection is one of the most famous of the museum together with the Print and Drawing Cabinet.

You can reach the Uffizi Gallery from B&B Casa dei Tintori in a few minutes.

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