Tripadvisor has become the most important international website of its kind, collecting millions of customers’ reviews on hotels and other accomodation facilities for tourists.

A recent research, conducted on a large sample of reviews on TripAdvisor website, has shown that smaller facilities rank higher in popularity lists.

The reasons for that lies in the fact that small hotels, bed and breakfast and farmhouses, focus upon their customers in a deeper way than bigger places. In practice, smaller accommodation facilities tend to loyalize their visitors easily through a more informal relation whose value goes beyond the abstract stereotype of “customer” and which lies more  in the idea of “guest”.

The results of this research dovetail perfectly with the experience of “B&B La Casa dei Tintori”, small accommodation facility located in the historic centre of Florence ranked third in TripAdvisor popularity index.

Thanks to this result, the B&B management has decided to link TripAdvisor website in  Casa dei Tintori’s home page to make guests’ reviews easily accessible to internet users.

The positive results of this strategy are double.

Web users, especially foreigners who are about to book for the first time in an unknown location without any point of reference, thanks to TripAdvisor can rely on the comments of other travelers who have stayed before them in that place. This way they can have an idea of what they can expect and decide if the B&B is really suited to their needs.

As for B&B Casa dei Tintori, reviews have secured on one hand a lot of visibility and a consequent growth of reservations, on the other hand they have been very useful to interact with visitors and reflect upon their expectations and needs in order to reshape our business.

Many criticize TripAvisor for not being completely reliable, due to the fact that reviews are almost often influenced by one’s own subjective experience and perception, as well as by many other variables.

Nevertheless, the influence of those reviews on travelers is still decisive for their choice and it is absolutely manifest that people still find these reviews mostly reliable and that they are increasingly influenced during the online booking process.

The positive experience of our B&B in Florence with TripAdvisor is also a concrete example of how small accommodation facilities for tourists can do better and better putting quality at the centre of their business.
Visit the web page of B&B La Casa dei Tintori on TripAdvisor with reviews by our  guests.
Our B&B La Casa dei Tintori has been ranking for the last years among the first ten most popular B&Bs in Florence.