We have recently added three new rooms to our B&B in Florence city center. They are located on the first floor of an old building next to our house. The entrance is in Volta dei Tintori No.1 (a little cross street intersecting Corso dei Tintori) just a stone’s throw from the beautiful Lungarno delle Grazie.

All the rooms are wide, bright, cosy and furnished in a very elegant style. We offer the best service at a very affordable price. Like any other room, also the three new ones are ensuite rooms provided with air-conditioning, TV, WiFi internet access. Furnishings and decor are beautiful and, together with fabrics we have chosen, they reproduce the models of a traditional nineteenth-century Florentine house.

The three rooms are provided with their own private bathroom with anteroom, and they are equipped with shower and hairdryer. Each guest is given a full set of linen.

The B&B also has a common area equipped with refrigerator, microwave oven, kettle and coffee pot.

Guests staying in our new rooms in Volta dei Tintori No. 1 will have breakfast at a traditional coffee house a few steps from the B&B. The new rooms do not have an access to the main house and therefore do not share our breakfast room. Vouchers will be supplied at check-in.

These rooms represent a refreshing alternative Casa dei Tintori offers at a more affordable price while preserving the same quality level and services.

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