Ecology in our B&B

We are responsible for a B&B which is “eco-friendly” and we make every effort to offer a high quality standard accommodation. Starting from the very beginning, we have chosen to live in the house according to a very low environmental impact, which is the very meaningful point of our experience.

For this reason, we want to pay special attention to those who are particularly sensitive to the problem of the environmental deterioration and have the goal to adopt a life style respectful of the environment.

materiali restauro


In the course of the house restoration work, we managed to create a real ecological model house: the structural interventions were conducted recycling the original materials of the house. We inserted new materials and techniques only when it was strictly necessary, adopting local and traditional building materials and techniques in order  to preserve the peculiarities of the house.

The house surfaces were treated with natural materials such as lime plaster, floor and ceiling wax, lateritious bricks, stones, marbles, water enamel for the sanitary fixtures, natural lime for colour-wash painting walls.

The furniture was carefully chosen according to the same policy adopted for our house: furnishings were made by Tuscan craftsmen who used natural wood, natural varnish and wax. Every mattress is made of pure anallergic rubber and curtains and bedspreads are made of fire-resistant cotton.

Air conditioners are noiseless and of the latest technology, with efficient filters to reduce allergens in the air or due to the presence of domestic animals.

The heating system works with methane thanks to an independent thermo-power station with special sensors that avoid waist for energy conservation.

Hygiene and sanitation. Cleaning is done everyday with great care, in every area of the house.  Thanks to a sophisticated aspirator device that cleans with steam at 130° and manages to filter air keeping the smallest particle of dust, we can avoid using strong and irritant detergents.

The high quality linen is washed and cleaned by us with organic detergents. The elegant kitchenware, made of Ginori’s porcelain, are cleaned with detergents free of surface-active agents or phosphate.

The drinkable water treatment for the drinks is made through an innovative filtering system made of activated carbon and UV rays which is highly effective in terms of security to make the drink free from polluted substances and bacterium.




Breakfast food: we have chosen the food for your breakfast with a minimum quantity of preserving substances and we carefully follow the standards of food hygiene.

Smoking is not allowedin the rooms and in the common areasbut we will welcome smokers in our private terrace or in our a private area.


In addition, there is much more in our house that makes our service of great value  for those who want to experiment a life in “Casa dei tintori” discovering a nice way to stay with themselves and with the others.

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