About us

Alfredo e Valeria

Valeria and Alfredo: the owners of the house. We will do our best to make you feel comfortable and ensure you a nice sojourn in Florence.

Please feel free to contact us for any request or need.

Alfredo. I am an architect and I have been working for thirty years in the architectural restoration field. At the moment, I am working in Florence as Functionary for the Ministry for the Arts, and as a freelance architect in Cagliari.
My last achievement was to restore this wonderful house which was a dyers' house in the Medieval age,  a private theatre in the seventeenth century... and a lot of other things. I spend my free time trying to make the B&B  more comfortable everyday, and to make it a meeting place where guests from all over the world can share with us this experience.

Valeria. I have an "Ancient Literatures" degree and I worked as an employee. I am retired at the moment.
During the restoration work of the house, I took care of the furnishings, the colours and decoration, choosing everything with great care  to make the house the right place where to stay comfortably and nicely. I think this is the place where I can easily satisfy my pleasure to meet and welcome my guests with  my genuine hospitality.

Eugenia, Marta, Massimo, Lavinia. Our children are full of joy and share with us this new life adventure with great happiness.

Alfredo e Valeria